“Permaculture for agroecology: design, movement, practice, and worldview. A review” by Rafter Sass Ferguson and Sarah Taylor Lovell

“Ecologically Sustainable Rural Development and the Difficulty of Social Change” by Brian Furze

“Peasant, Patriot, Environmentalist: Sustainable Development Discourse in Havana” by Marina Gold

“‘One city block at a time’: Researching and cultivating green transformations” by Tania Lewis

“Permaculture Adoption among Malawian Farmers: A Positive Deviance Inquiry” by Hope Thornton

“Environmental Anthropology Engaging Permaculture: Moving Theory and Practice Toward Sustainability” by James R. Veteto and Joshua Lockyer

“Growing or connecting? An urban food garden in Johannesburg” by Jane Wills, Frances Chinemana, and Michael Rudolph


“Permaculture Design for Orphans and Vulnerable Children: Programming Low-Cost, Sustainable Solutions for Food and Nutrition Insecure Communities: Tehnical Brief” by Kara Greenblot and Kristof Nordin

This is a technical brief published by USAID that gives guidelines and examples for using permaculture design in schools.

“Permaculture Strategy for the South African Villages: Towards MDG 7 - Environmental Sustainability” by Terry Leahy

This is a book on how to apply permaculture for environmental sustainability and development in South African villages.

“Permaculture in Refugee Situations: A Handbook for Sustainable Land Management” by EESS and SAFIRE

This is a handbook on how to apply permaculture in refugee situations published by the UNHCR Engineering and Environmental Services Section (EESS) and the Southern Alliance for Indigenous Resources (SAFIRE)

“Low Input Food & Nutrition Security: Growing and eating more using less” by Stacia Nordin

This is a manual on nutrition and permaculture published by the World Food Programme.

See also: Visual materials from the upcoming new edition of the manual

Educational posters developed for use in Malawi (available in English and Chichewa) by June Walker and Sarah Beare


“Ecoagriculture: A Review and Assessment of Its Scientific Foundations” by Louise E. Buck, Thomas A. Gavin, David R. Lee, and Norman T. Uphoff with Diji Chandrasekharan Behr, Laurie E. Drinkwater, W. Dean Hively, and Fred R. Werner

This review synthesizes many scientific studies on the efficacy of various agroecology and landscape management techniques, and points to areas that need further research (as of 2004).

“Performance and Potential of Conservation Agriculture for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Sub-Saharan Africa” by Jeffrey C. Milder, Terhi Majanen, and Sara J. Scherr

This report describes how conservation agriculture can be and is being used for climate change adaptation and mitigation in sub-Saharan Africa. It includes scientific assessments and impact evaluations of specific techniques.

“Report submitted by the Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Olivier De Schutter” by Olivier De Schutter

This is a United Nations report on agroecology.

“Perennial Polyculture Farming: Seeds of Another Agricultural Revolution?” by James A. Dewar

This is a paper on the potential of perennial polyculture farming published by the RAND Purdee Center.

“Sustainable intensification in African agriculture” by Jules Pretty, Camilla Toulmin, and Stella Williams

The article reviews 40 agriculture programs in Africa and highlights common lessons for scaling up sustainable agriculture.

“Biodiversity Conservation in Tropical Agroecosystems: A New Conservation Paradigm” by Ivette Perfecto and John Vandermeer

This article reviews biodiversity in tropical agriculture and argues for an agroecology, low-input, landscape approach to conservation and agricultural production.